Dimond's Tricore, Ahead Of The Game

Tricore® provides a great solution to manage H1 requirements across all of the new climate zones in New Zealand

At Dimond® we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the game by providing innovative, quality products that meet building code compliance while also benefiting our customers, this includes designers, installers, and homeowners.

The newly announced H1 standards have increased the R-value set in place for new builds in New Zealand. These standards apply to homes no greater than 300m2 and other buildings with larger floor areas (excluding industrial warehouses), for example, healthcare, schools, offices, and retail. Dimond® Roofing’s Tricore® provides a great solution to manage the H1 requirements across all of the new climate zones in New Zealand.

Insulation with a high R-value increases the thermal resistance of the elements - wall, roof and underfloor - of the building where it’s installed - the higher the thermal resistance the more energy-efficient the building is. Tricore® is an advanced insulated roofing system that was designed in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions, tackling our challenging weather and providing consistent R-values, achieved through the use of large and relatively slim panels.

Tricore’s® unique insulated roofing system features high-quality roof underlay with sealed laps. These laps are positioned on top of the roof’s insulation permitting the transfer of water vapour into the air space under the roof top sheet.

The air space in Dimond’s Tricore® is created by a galvanised roof rail that’s positioned above the insulation board and roof underlay, creating an immediate air space below the roof top sheet. This air space exposes condensation formed on the underside of the roof to air movement, drying it out rather than accumulating. As a result the airspace provides for a durable roofing system that help’s to balance out temperature variations year-round.

Overall, Tricore® easily provides higher R values and insulates more consistently at roof level, helping save costs spent on the use of HVAC systems.

Whether it’s a new build or a new roofing system that’s needed – Dimond® Roofing’s Tricore® has the solution you need to meet NZ’s H1 energy efficiency requirements.

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