Chrysalis Childcare Centre

Two large trees on a commercial site had proved a problem for the development of this site, Phil, of Collingridge and Smith Architects (UK) Ltd, says the mature protected trees – a pohutukawa and an oak – stand side by side on the site and had drip lines that could not be built beneath. As he says, “This makes the site uneconomic for most commercial uses but actually presents a unique and beautiful opportunity for a childcare centre.”

The childcare centre curved around the trees in the centre representing a koru (unfurled fern frond), this created a challenge for planning the cladding which is a mix of Dimondclad Rib 50 interacting with sails to give a layering effect symbolic of Maori carving patterns.

Dimond Roofing Dimondclad Rib 50 was specified and installed by Cooper Roofing Ltd. Each sheet was manufactured to ordered lengths for the height of the building at each panel, to reduce wastage. Because the cover of the sheets didn’t fit in whole sheets on the panels, they were split lengthwise and the cut piece was used on the next flat panel.

The structure was so unique the details and flashing requirements were not standard and required close attention and planning from the Cooper Roofing to bring the architects dream to life.

The finished building is striking and a testament to the skilled installers at Cooper Roofing.