Claudelands Events Centre

A world class venue

The brief was to deliver a world class venue that could claim to be the best in Australasia, would be within the 68.4 million dollar budget and meet the proposed sustainability objective of a 4 star rating. Taking a year to complete, the design is unique to Australasia, purpose built for live entertainment, international sporting events and large banquets.

Whilst the roof couldn’t be seen from the ground, a strong economic profile was needed to handle the plant necessary for the facility. Incorporating a strong focus on environmental sustainability was of equal importance and had to be factored into each stage of design, construction and ongoing operational costs.

Dimond Roofing supplied a range of products for this project that main contractor Foster construction worked with GAP Roofing and Roofing Specialists to install.

For the roof GAP Roofing installed DP955 an economical profile with a trifold arch shape that is designed to not only be stronger than traditional profiles but also more cost effective and faster to install. The design provides stronger ribs to protect against buckling and a wide style pan to allow for safe foot placement for access to service the plant. “The wide cover of DP955 made it extremely easy to lay significant areas, and the pan width & strength allowed for easy movement of both roofers and sub trades with minimal damage” – Geoff Pickford, GAP Roofing.

In addition to DP955 for the roof Dimond Roofing also supplied Veedek for the upper wall cladding and Dimondclad Rib 50 for the lower cladding areas. The use of two profiles gives the building a different look from every angle. Dimond Roofing’s vertical purlins (DHS) used inside provided a strong yet striking support system to the centre.

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