Delegat Vineyard

Dimondek 630 Shines at Delegat Vineyard

Delegat was established in New Zealand in 1947 and has played a profound role in the New Zealand wine industry. They have a passion for change and a passion to capture the best wine. To achieve this Delegat needed a facility that was at the forefront of design and construction, whilst still being in harmony with the natural surroundings of the area.

The brief given to Gavin Robins of Stiles and Hooker was that the facility needed to reflect the natural environment it was situated in. Gavin designed the form of the roof for the facility to evoke the hills and ranges beyond by being curved so the building looks as if it’s rising from the valley floor.

Dimond Roofing offered a comprehensive solution, with a design that enhanced the striking and impressive building.

The drape curved roof features 3 layers and single sheets of Dimondek 630 up to 59.45 metres in length curved over a 250 metre radius. These huge dimensions were made possible by Dimond Roofing's on-site manufacturing unit. The curved design combined with the uninterrupted roofing sheets and multiple levels has created a stunning finish to a spectacular building.

Complimented by 3600m² of Dimond Roofing Corrugate Cladding in ColorCote ZinaCore X paint system used on the interior side and ColorCote ZinaCore on the exterior. Four different colours were specially formulated by Pacific Coilcoaters to form the external banded effect that reflects the colours in the surrounding environment and serves as a visual reduction of the height of the facility. The other side of the corrugate cladding was in Metallic Silver to give the internal walls a modern industrial look. This was in keeping with the stainless steel wine cellars and tanks as well as complementing the 10,800m² internal ceiling finished again in Dimond Roofing Corrugate but this time in unpainted Zincalume.

To finish the building Dimond Roofing Durolite was installed over the loading bays to block out harmful UV rays and weather while allowing natural light through.