Ormiston Senior College

Brownbuilt 900 adds style to Ormiston Senior College

Ormiston needed a Senior College for its growing community.

Designed by award-winning architects Jasmax, the facilities were planned to meet the needs of teaching and learning in the 21st century, and will provide a space that students and staff can excel in. Paton Roofing, were appointed as roof fixers for the challenging 6000 Sq m site, which included over 100 roof penetrations.

Work on the site commenced in April 2010 and needed to be completed by October so the first class could be welcomed the following year. Dimond Roofing’s Brownbuilt 900 in ColorCote ZinaCore X was the profile selected for the Roof and Cladding. A mixture of Titania and Ironsand colours were selected to contrast against the natural blue and green colours of the landscape.

Olsen Gascoigne, Site Manager for Paton Roofing noted that the details for the 100 plus roof penetrations, (87 of which were 1.3 Sq m European manufactured mono draught ventilation units) would need a flashing design based around a relatively new type of air-conditioning system to the NZ market. With input from Dimond Roofing and Jasmax, Paton were able to offer a new design to flash penetrations of this size, including a concealed system to deal with any condensation issues.

This is a unique & prestigious project and we are pleased to have partnered with Paton Roofing to achieve its successful completion and provide a top class learning environment for the leaders of tomorrow.

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