Progressive Enterprises

Dimondek 630 launched with new roof for Progressive Enterprises

Progressive Enterprises required a 22,000m² extension to their distribution facility in Auckland that allowed the existing facility to remain operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Along with this, the time frame for construction was very tight.

Architect Woodams Meikle Zhan had to think outside the box to come up with a solution. By carefully utilising the latest materials and design options they were able to fulfil the clients brief and maintain speed and flexibility of construction.

The extension looked similar in basic appearance but was actually completely different. The original building was designed with small gables and internal gutters to separate them. While the extension still had a gable design, it consisted of a 100metre span compared to the 25m span of the existing building. The change in span significantly changed the functionality of the building, giving the client greater freedom in internal use and a better dispersal of natural light. This created a more airy and nicer work environment for staff.

Because they were operating 24/7 during construction leaks were not an option, therefore Dimond Roofing suggested using Dimondek 630. Dimondek 630 is a concealed clip system which is manufactured on site allowing for a single sheet from ridge to gutter, eliminating leaks and saving time in installation. “The really big advantage for us though was it has no fixing through the sheet, minimising chances of leaks – this was a big thing for Progressive Enterprises", said Bradley Wynn.

Progressive Enterprises are also very happy with how the project went, but even more so with the finished product. They have a much lighter airier place that provides a more functional and enjoyable work environment.