Spark Arena

Durable Roofing & Cladding for Auckland's Vector Arena

Auckland city didn’t have a covered arena for sports events and bands in the heart of the city, so Spark arena was planned to change that. Being positioned close to the Waitemata Harbour, keeping customers warm and dry was a priority for the venue.

Dimond Roofing’s extensive history with stadium and events centre projects in New Zealand, including Pacific Events Centre, Jade Stadium, the Cake Tin, and Waikato Stadium, meant we could offer a depth of experience to successfully complete the project.

The design for Spark Arena consisted of two elliptical tilted planes on the main roof and included challenges over the arena’s height, the angle of the roof and the length of sheets to be installed.

Because keeping the customers dry was so important to the project Dimondek 630 was specified by Peddle Thorpe Architects. Dimondek 630 is a concealed clip roofing system that can be manufactured on site allowing for gutter to gutter sheets in a continuous draped curve, and with no screw holes and breaks in the roof, leaks are eliminated.

Sheets up to 47.5m long were manufactured onsite from ColorCote ZinaCore X and installed by Clarke Roofing. Because of the location so close to the harbour, a durable roofing and cladding material was required. ColorCote ZinaCore X is specially developed for environments where there is a high risk of corrosion due to corrosive elements in the atmosphere.

In addition to the Dimondek 630 roof, Dimond Roofing also supplied Brownbuilt 900, Corrugate and V-Rib for wall cladding at the ends of the structure and for under the eaves. The cladding used a mixture of ColorCote ZinaCore X and ColorCote AlumiGard X which features an aluminium base material for use in severe environments on areas of cladding that aren’t regularly washed by rainfall or are difficult to access for maintenance.

The finished arena has been very successful for Auckland and the quality of the roofing and cladding materials used in its construction will ensure it remains a great venue for the future.

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