Colour Range

Dimond Roofing colour options

Colour Availability

Dimond Roofing offers three distinct options for its pre-painted products:

  • Standard Colours, which are available ex-stock from all branches - see Dimond Roofing Standard Colours below and downloadable pdf
  • Non-Standard Colours, in which additional coil fees and nominal lead times apply. Minimum quantities (in metres) for coil orders also apply for this option. See Non-Standard (Designer) Colours below & ColorCote® (All Available Colours) downloadable pdf
  • Matched Colours, in which colours are matched to a colour preference, brand. or environmental design consideration. Charges apply for colour matching and minimum quantities (in metres) for coil orders do apply. Please consult your sales branch for details.

Be advised the standard colours reproduced on this page are approximate. Slight variations may occur. For more accurate colour matches, contact us to obtain a colour sample.

Colour Range
Dimond Roofing Standard Colour Range
Non Standard (Designer) Colours

For Non Standard Colours - see ColorCote® Brochure

Metallic Colours*

For Metallic Colours - see ColorCote® Brochure

Material Availability

The following materials are available in pre-painted form:

  • ColorCote® ZinaCore™
  • ColorCote® ZinaCore X™
  • ColorCote®MagnaFlow™
  • ColorCote® MagnaFlow X™
  • ColorCote®AlumiGard™
  • ColorCote® AlumiGard X™
  • Colorsteel® ENDURA™
  • Colorsteel® MAXX™
Gloss Levels

Gloss levels (RV Value %) for the painted surfaces are:

Colour - RV Value %

Black - 9.35
Beige - 34.92
Bone White - 60.57
Desert Sand - 84.90
Grey Flannel - 22.63
Grey Friars - 16.55
Ironsand - 14.72
Karaka - 13.58
Lignite - 15.38
Mist Green - 35.80
New Denim Blue - 15.84
Off White - 57.68
Permanent Green - 20.65
Pioneer Red - 53.83
Rivergum - 30.46
Sandstone Grey - 28.86
Scoria - 23.39
Slate - 13.02
Titania - 64.57
Windsor Grey - 11.98

ColorCote® Colour Brochure Last updated June 2018
Dimond Roofing Colour Chart Last updated July 2018