Choosing a colour

Choosing a colour

This process raises a lot of questions. Which colour will look good with my house exterior? Will I like it in 5 years? Should I fit in with the neighbours or stand out?

It is very important to view some roofs in real-life settings, ask your roofer to give you addresses of homes where they have installed the roof you are considering. Don’t rely on the colours in a brochure – ask your roofer for samples of the colours. If you are painting your house, consider choosing your roof colour first, because there will always be more paint colours available than roof colours. Remember your roof makes up 30% of your home frontage, the gutters, fascia etc. 10 % and the cladding (walls) 60%.

Look closely at your bricks if applicable and identify the main colour of the bricks first. Then look for tones of that colour in your roofing colour, as this will tie the two elements together nicely.

Details like gutters, fascia, eaves and downpipes have a huge impact on the end result. Most colour consultants agree that matching gutters and roof colours is the best approach. However, contrasting fascia can look stunning, so play around to see what suits your home the best. And the wonder of longrun is that if you fancy a change down the line, simply re-paint.

The 'Choose' section of our re-roofing guide has additional considerations you may want to take into account

Once the roof colour has been chosen a simple tip to ensure that it works effectively with the rest of the home is to repeat the same colour in smaller amounts around the property in up to three different locations (e.g. the letterbox, the garden shed and the garage door or the front fence). Placing the colour in other areas, particularly at the front of the property, will give the home a balanced feel.

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