Choosing a roof for your home

Choosing a roof for your home

So you're building a house or renovating, how exciting! And maybe a little overwhelming? Especially when you consider that your roof can form 30% of your street frontage. Well, fear not, here are a few tried and true steps to ensure you achieve the look you're after:

  1. Your architect or designer can advise you on how to achieve the look you want for your home within building code requirements
  2. With your design decided, you're ready to pick your roof profile. Here you'll factor in things like the style of house you're building, and the pitch of your roof (check out our profile options here)
  3. Your builder or roofer will check what substrate (material and paint finish) you need for the environment your house is located in, as this will impact your warranty. However, you can also have a look yourself with a handy substrate regional location guide at
  4. Now it's time to pick a colour. Points to consider should include the colour you're painting the house, your landscaping, the colours on surrounding houses and whether you want to fit in or stand out. Also, be mindful that some new developments have colour covenants you must work within
  5. At this stage, your builder or designer will sub-contract to a specialist roofer for installation
  6. Another thing to consider is how your roof might be able to extend the usage of your outdoor areas e.g. covering an outdoor seating area, or using clear lighting sheets to extend sunshine hours. Check out our range of natural lighting to extend your outdoor living areas
  7. Finally, remember to get your warranty off your builder, this could cover you for up to 30 years depending on your environment and substrate

A step-by-step guide to replacing your roof

Maybe you just want a change or maybe your current roof has seen better days, whatever your motivation, the following guide is designed to help make the process of replacing your roof as easy as possible:

  1. How do I know I need a new roof?

    Depending on what has started your search (leaks, rust, damage, aesthetics) this can be a hard question to answer on your own, so we recommend you contact a qualified roofing installer. Click here to find one in your area.

  2. The true cost

    When you re-roof, it’s important that you take a long term view. Costs can be broken down into up-front (materials and installation) and lifecycle (maintenance and longevity) costs. Installing a roof using cheap materials, or a less than reputable roofer may mean you’ll have to replace the roof in only a few years.

  3. Choosing your roofer

    A referral is the best way, so ask around, or check out our recommended installers here. You’ll want to check they’re a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP); they’re a member of the Roofing Association of New Zealand; ask to see some examples of their work, and ask to see references or talk to previous customers.

  4. Choosing the product

    Your decision will be steered by the environment, your home’s orientation and architectural style and your neighbourhood. You’ll need to discuss a few key details with your roofer or builder:

    1. What sort of profile should my roof have?
    2. Do I want the same kind of roof I’m replacing or do I want to go for a different style?
    3. What colour do I want my roof to be?
    4. What sort of environmental conditions will the roof be exposed to?
    5. Do I need to obtain a council consent to install a new roof on my home?
    6. What is the roof slope, and does this limit the choice of product that can be used?
  5. Get estimates

    A good rule of thumb is 3 quotes, but keep in mind that a low price could signal discrepancies or shortcomings on the quote. Make sure you’re comparing apples with apples and that each quote contains details like edge protection, removal of the old roof, what substrate is specified e.g. imported steel vs New Zealand made, etc.

  6. Time frame

    Weather permitting, it is reasonable to expect to wait 4-6 weeks after selecting a roofer for work to begin. A small, uncomplicated roof, can be finished in 2-3 days. Large, complex projects, can take around a week.

  7. Should I expect to pay a deposit when I sign an agreement?

    Yes to secure the materials, but we don’t recommend you pay the total job upfront.

For a more detailed walkthrough of the full re-roofing process see our re-roofing section

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The Look Book

The Look Book is full of inspiration for home exteriors, and outdoor areas, covering a wide range of building designs. From classic to modern masterpieces, it's brimming with ways to make your dream home come to life. So download a copy, and be inspired!