Insulating your roof

Why should you replace or upgrade your insulation?

You lose the largest amount of heat from your home through your roof.

How many times have you made yourself a cup of coffee only to get distracted and it goes cold? That’s because heat’s always looking to cool down.

But put your coffee in a thermo mug and it’ll stay warmer for longer.

Your home’s no different. The warm air that your fire, heater or heat pump generates is looking to mix with cool air outside your home to cool down. Like a thermo mug, good insulation resists this transfer of heat.

This resistance is why good insulation is referred to as having a high ‘R-value’.

The higher the insulation ‘R-value’ number, the greater its resistance to letting heat escape through it. With the Pink® Batts® Ultra® range you get higher R-values that exceed the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC)requirements.

Try to invest in the installation during renovations: It will always be more difficult and expensive to increase insulation later, so it pays to put in as much as you can afford when you can. A small extra cost when you’re already renovating will lead to savings over the long term. You will enjoy much greater comfort and energy efficiency.

The cost of adding insulation as part of your reroof is only approximately 4% of the total cost of your reroofing project, it approximately adds 4% to the costs of your reroofing project. Trying to do it separately will end up costing you a lot more.

The thickness of your current insulation is a good approximate guide for its R-value. For example current Pink® Batts® R3.2 ceiling has a thickness of 17cm.

Your insulation may need replacing if the insulation layer is thin or has any gaps, or damage.

Why insist on Pink® Batts® Insulation?

  • Proven performance - Pink® Batts® glasswool insulation has been keeping Kiwi homes warmer and drier since 1961.
  • Environmentally responsible - Pink® Batts® insulation is made from over 80% recycled glass.
  • Safe to install and live with - the formulation of Pink® Batts® insulation is bio-soluble.
  • Pink® Batts® insulation has Greenguard certification for indoor air quality. Being certified for indoor air quality gives an assurance that products meet strict chemical emissions limits to help create healthier indoor environments.
  • Lifetime warranty - full details of the product warranty are available at here.

Recommended minimum product R-values throughout New Zealand

Under the New Zealand Building Code, new homes must be insulated to a minimum standard, depending on the area of the country in which you live.

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