What is Long Run Roofing?

What is Long Run Roofing?

Long run is sheets of pre-painted steel, which are formed with alternating grooves and ridges to give it strength to help your roof cope with the harshest weather and environments. Dimond long run comes in a carefully selected range of profiles and colours to complement any style of home.

Classic, versatile and born for our climate, no wonder long run is the most popular roofing style in New Zealand:

  • Lightweight – saves on support structure costs
  • Flexible design options – works well on a villa or a modern townhouse
  • Smooth finish – sheets custom made to length between ridge and gutter
  • Carefully selected range of profiles, colours and accessories
  • Able to be used in all New Zealand environments
  • Can easily incorporate skylights, exposed beams and integrated glass features into your roof
  • Enjoy the sound of raindrops overhead, or insulate for quietness

Long run roofing, metal roofing or corrugated iron as its more widely known, has been a staple building material in New Zealand since the earliest European settlers arrived on our shores.

Corrugated iron is regarded as an iconic ‘Kiwi as’ material, that has not only been used for buildings but has also been utilised for furniture and art.

But how did our nations most beloved material come to exist?

To find out more about the history of long run roofing in New Zealand read our news article:

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