Vented Wall Cladding Cavities with NC Batten

Vented Wall Cladding Cavities with Dimond's Vented Non-Combustible Batten

A recent addition to Dimond’s product range, the Vented Non-Combustible (NC) Batten enables ventilation airflow to pass through the profile with minimal pressure drop.

Suitable for commercial buildings and apartment blocks, the Vented NC Batten is a galvanised steel top hat profile that is roll-formed with punched holes for use by fasteners. The batten is available in 1.45 mm steel thickness which provides sufficient fastener pull-out resistance for affixing cladding material. Also, the load capacity has been established by testing and provides reliable design guidelines. The Vented NC Batten is supplied in standard 3600mm lengths.

The product is intended for use across at least two spans between structural frame members where it is to be fastened to each support member or can be directly fastened to horizontal members.

The Vented NC Batten is intended to provide a means of forming a ventilated cavity behind a wall cladding and is suitable for use where a non-combustible cavity batten is required (such as for commercial buildings and apartment blocks).

In terms of projects, the Vented NC Batten has been selected for use in many buildings to date, including new and existing builds. It has been increasingly used successfully in multi-storey construction. In these situations, the product has been specifically chosen by the respective architects and designers for its vent capability and resistance to fire, given that it's totally non-combustible.

In addition, the Batten has also been used in many re-cladding projects. By using NC Batten when re-cladding over existing material, it creates a cavity that is ventilated, and the product doesn’t add to any fire risk, and ultimately reduces installation time.

In summary, the NC Batten is a great pre-cladding option in a number of situations, such as multi-storey construction, and re-cladding. The product enables ventilation airflow and is non-combustible. If your next project can be made better with this product, contact us for details and specifications.


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