Baby Corrugate

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Baby Corrugate Performance

An evolution of the ever popular Corrugate this profile epitomises the modern look in cladding. Commonly used for both interior and exterior applications, Baby Corrugate adds a touch of finesse.

Cover (Northern Region)
Cover (Central Region)
Cover (Southern Region)
Sheet Width (Northern Region)
Sheet Width (Central Region)
Sheet Width (Southern Region)
Cover (Central Region)
Cover (Southern Region)
Sheet Width (Northern Region)
Sheet Width (Central Region)
Sheet Width (Southern Region)

All dimensions given are nominal
*Check with Dimond South Island supplying branch

Sheet Tolerances
Sheet width: ±5mm
Sheet length: +10mm, –0mm. Where notified at time of order its intended use will be for horizontal wall cladding, tighter tolerances can be achieved +3mm, –0mm.

Material Option Thickness (BMT)
Steel 0.40mm
Steel 0.55mm
Nominal weight/lineal metre (kg/m)
Steel 0.40mm
Steel 0.55mm
Unsupported overhang (1)
Steel 0.40mm
Steel 0.55mm

(1) Not intended to support point loads.

Manufactured Location: Baby Corrugate is available ex Auckland or Palmerston North. For South Island please check with your local branch.

Sheet lengths
: Baby Corrugate is available in lengths up to 6m long.

Baby Corrugate Limit State Capacity

  1. Serviceability Limit State
    No deflection or permanent distortion that would cause unacceptable appearance or side lap leakage due to inward or outward wind loads.
  2. Ultimate Limit State
    No pull through of fixings or fastener withdrawal resulting in sheet detachment due to wind up-lift (outward) loads.

System Design

The span capacity of Baby Corrugate is determined by the serviceability requirement for acceptable appearance and should not exceed 600mm.
The ultimate windload should not exceed 3 kPa.

The Baby Corrugate profiles are not intended for use as roofing products, and must not be used in situations where foot traffic point loads can be applied.

Baby Corrugate Fastener Design

Baby Corrugate should be screw fixed to either timber or steel framing.

For Timber

Buildex Ripple Zip M4.8 x 25 provides a tidy fixing detail with a unique head design that seals without a washer and screws to fit down into corrugations.

For Steel

Buildex Ripple Zip M4.8 x 25 provides a unique head design that seals without a washer and does not deform the sheeting.
If sarking or insulation is used over the framing Ripple Zips can’t be used, as they are not long enough and a 12g screw of appropriate length will be required.

For screw size range and fastener / washer assembly refer section of Technical Manual.

The Span Capability and Sheet Appearance is based on fasteners at 200mm maximum spacing across the sheet without the use of load spreading washers.

Spans greater than 800mm will require the specification and use of side lap stitching fasteners – see Section 2.3.2C Installation Information: Layout and Fastening, for fastener type. (b) of Technical Manual.

Fastener Layout Options

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