ColorCote® AlumiGard & AlumiGard Plus


ColorCote® AlumiGard™ & AlumiGard™ Plus

A highly durable and corrosion-resistant product, with high formability, designed for roofing and cladding in very severe marine applications. Suitable for ISO 9223 Atmospheric Classification 1-5. Conforms to AS/NZS 2728: 2013 Product 6 (Table 2.1).


Aluminium alloy type 5052 Marine Grade for excellent corrosion resistance and very good formability (in soft temper).
Alternatively, by specification, Aluminium Alloy type 5005, with lower tensile properties for customer projects requiring greater formability. Available typically in thickness 0.7 & 0.9. Common widths are 610mm, 940mm, 1220mm.

Bend Radii

Minimum recommended substrate bend radii for 90 degree cold bends at right angle to rolling direction, without substrate cracking, however T bends should be at least double this to avoid over stressing the paint coating.
Bend Test: No loss of adhesion of paint cracking when bent around a diameter equal to 5 times the thickness of the sheet.

ColorCote® AlumiGard™ Plus and AlumiGard™ Paint Coating Specifications
Nominal film thickness 25 microns.


Corrosion resistant chromate conversion coating.


Highly corrosion resistant polyester primer on both sides.

Finish Coat
AlumiGard Plus™: PVF2 system. AlumiGard™: Acrylic or polyester system.

Backing Coat

Shadow Grey (standard colour) or Foam Grey on request for use with adhesives for laminating.

Finish Coat

  • ColorCote® AlumiGard™: Nominal film thickness of 20 microns PVF2 providing good resistance to chemical attack, and excellent colour retention.
  • ColorCote® AlumiGard™: Nominal film thickness of 20 microns.
  • ColorCote® AlumiGard™ is available in an extensive range of colours beyond the AlumiGard XTM colour range.

The finish coat can be applied to one or both sides of the sheet in the same or different colours. Colours outside the standard range may be available depending on colour and quantity.

Expected Performance
ColorCote® AlumiGard™ Plus and AlumiGard™ Aluminium is an excellent solution for roofing and cladding in Very Severe environments. It is ideal for open-ended soffits and canopies.

Should the paint deteriorate in a particular spot due to attack or mechanical damage, the surrounding product will not delaminate as a result of the film being broken as the paint film is a breathing membrane which can be overpainted later in the life of the building.

ColorCote® AlumiGard™ Plus and AlumiGard™ Aluminium is recyclable, should sheets be damaged or perforated at a later stage in
the life of the building.

Outdoor Durability

ColorCote® AlumiGard™ Plus and AlumiGard™, under normal well washed conditions of exposure, can be expected to show no cracking (other than that which may occur during forming), flaking or peeling of the paint film in 15 years.

Handling and Roll-Forming
To avoid damaging the paint surface the material must be handled carefully during transport and roll-forming. Pacific Coilcoaters does not recommend the use of roll-forming lubricants on ColorCote® products.

Strippable Film

Products can be supplied with an optional strippable protective film at extra cost. Light colours must use strippable film to prevent marking during roll-forming. Strippable film should be removed just before or just after product installation or within 12 months of delivery from Pacific Coilcoaters.

Typical Properties

  • Mar Resistance: Fair
  • Scratch Resistance: Fair
  • Impact Resistance: (AS/NZS 2728 Appendix E) – Greater than 10 Joules
  • Pencil Hardness: (AS/NZS 1580.405.1) – F minimum
  • Bend Test: (AS/NZS 2728 Appendix F) – No loss of adhesion or paint cracking when bent around a diameter equal to five times the thickness of the sheet.
  • Heat Resistance: Suitable for continuous service up to 1000C. Continuous service at higher temperatures may cause some colour change of the paint film.

Corrosion Resistance

In very aggressive environments, ColorCote® AlumiGard™ Plus and AlumiGard™ will give increased protection from atmospheric attack, as the paint surface then acts as further protection between the aluminium and the atmosphere. Care should be taken to avoid galvanic attack when pre-painted aluminium is used in conjunction with certain other materials. Flashings should be aluminium, and fastenings should be aluminium or austenitic stainless steel.

Where pre-painted aluminium is laid on steel purlins, the two surfaces must be isolated by an inert membrane.

Unseasoned wood and certain treated timbers may contain acids or chemicals which can cause galvanic corrosion. In mild atmospheres it is enough to seal the timber surface with an inert membrane at the points of contact with the pre-painted aluminium. In aggressive conditions, the two surfaces should be isolated by a gasket of rubber, neoprene or bituminous roofing felt.

Concrete & Plaster: The structural properties are not significantly affected by contact with these materials. However, there may be some discolouration especially in wet conditions. The pre-painted aluminium sheet should therefore be protected by an inert membrane at the points of contact.

Wet cement may have a corrosive effect on AlumiGard™ Plus and AlumiGard™, and care should be taken to avoid cement splashes falling on the sheet. Where this occurs, it should be cleaned off as soon as possible.

In no circumstances should pre-painted aluminium be used in contact with copper or copper alloys, as the pre-painted
aluminium will corrode very quickly.

Where water runs off copper on to pre-painted aluminium there will also be rapid corrosion, so care must be taken to avoid this.

For information related to the general specification, application and maintenance of ColorCote® products refer to the ColorCote® General Information Guide.

Site Practice
If nestable profiles become wet while closely stacked, formation of wet storage stain or ‘white rust’ is inevitable.

To minimise the possibility of inadvertent contamination:

a) Inspect deliveries on arrival. If moisture is present, individual sheets should be dried immediately with a clean rag and then stacked to allow air to circulate and complete the drying process.
b) Well ventilated storage is essential. Always store metal products under cover in clean, well-ventilated buildings.
c) Cross-stack or fillet sheets where outside storage is unavoidable and make provision for a fall to allow water to run off.

It is the responsibility of the roofing contractor to avoid damaging the roof sheeting during its installation and fixing. For light gauges and large purlin spacings, never drag sheets from a pile. Remove by ‘turning’ off the stack. Lift sheets on to a roof, and do not drag over the eaves or purlins.

Touch Up Paint

ColorCote® is a baked on paint system which has different weathering characteristics to standard air drying paints. Do not use touch up paint on ColorCote® products. Minor scratches should be left alone.

Clean Up

Installation procedures involving self-drilling screws, drills and hacksaws etc., will leave deposits of swarf and metal particles.
These particles including blind rivet shanks, nails and screws should be swept and washed from the roof at the end of each day.

Ignitability Index
Spread of Flame Index
Heat Evolved Index
Smoke Developed Index

For exact specification consult your rollformer.

ColorCote® AlumiGard™ Plus generally performs well in:

• Salt-laden environments

• Timber processing areas

• Milk treatment facilities

• Fish processing plants

Rainwater Collection
Rainwater collected from roofs clad with products made from ColorCote® AlumiGard™ Plus and AlumiGard™ prepainted aluminium will comply with the provisions of NZBC G12.3.1, provided the water is not contaminated from other sources. The first 25mm of rainfall from a newly installed roof must be discarded before drinking water collection starts.


ColorCote® AlumiGard™ Brochure

Get all the facts. Available for download below is the ColorCote® AlumiGard™ brochure to help you and your team of professionals through the details of your material selection. We want you to be happy and confident that you've made the right choice for all the right reasons.

For more information on the range of ColorCote®materials see the ColorCote® website.

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