General Characteristics

The copper mainly used in the roofing industry is DHP 122 ½ hard it is 99.9% pure and is widely used on architectural builds.
When new the copper is bright reddish orange and over time will develop a patina on the surface. This patina will vary in colour depending on the atmosphere the material is in. Some of the patina colours are green, blue/green and nut brown.

Compliance to AS1566:1997 COPPER AND COPPER ALLOYS - Re-rolled flat products and alloys.

Material Thickness

General material thickness used in New Zealand is 0.55 to 0.70mm.

Material Width
The most common sheet size is 2400 x 1000 used for flashings and rainwater goods. For roll-formed goods like Eurotray® a 600mm wide coil is used.


Copper offers excellent resistance to corrosion in a wide variety of environments. It is resistant to non-oxidizing acids and salts, seawater and fresh water, hot or cold atmospheric corrosion and a wide variety of organic materials. Copper is not resistant to oxidising acids, oxidising heavy metal salts, ammonia, and cyanides, complex ions and high velocity aerated waters.


Just an occasional wash down with fresh water and that’s it.


Fully 100%.