Remodelling Synlait

A Eurotray® Angle Seam case study

A growth period for the New Zealand dairy industry triggered the need for the expansion of the Synlait processing plant in Dunsandel, just out of Christchurch.

Developing a Vibrant Work Place

The project involved remodelling the previous office block into a new staff café and construction of a brand-new state of the art 3585m² administration block and testing laboratory which complemented the renewed café. The design brief was to create a vibrant workplace that encouraged a sense of wellbeing and connectivity among the staff. Once the open plan, colourful interior had been designed, careful consideration was taken

in selecting the exterior materials to bring it to life. The popular combination of steel cladding, precast concrete and cedar timber was chosen.

Seamless tray cladding

Eurotray® with an angle seam finish in the colour Slate by Dimond Roofing was chosen as the predominant cladding option. The colour Slate has a deep, earthy tone that contrasts beautifully against the thousands of metres of roof and wall cladding on the main production and storage facilities. 1460 metres of Eurotray® and 2800 metres of custom folded flashings were used in creating the seamless tray cladding. The details involved in achieving the look are very intricate, behind every tray there is a series of flashings and hooks which the tray is then folded onto, locking it into place without any visible screws or rivets. Every rib, corner and angle is carefully considered so that all of the trays line up perfectly and are spaced evenly from one corner to the next.

High End Architectural Products come with high expectations

It’s this level of expertise and in depth thought into how the finished product will present that Dimond Roofing look for in their approved installers. It’s an entirely different skill set compared to the installation of a corrugated iron roof and this is why Dimond only work with approved installers on the architectural range. When clients come asking for high end architectural products, the expectation is high. The product needs to be installed correctly so the ribs line up providing the home owner and architect with an aesthetic finish. Dimond pride themselves on delivering with attention to detail as their name and product reputation is on the line.

Get the edge.