Choosing your cladding

Boost your street appeal with Dimond® Cladding

So, you're building a house or renovating, how exciting! And maybe a little overwhelming? Especially when you consider that your cladding can form 70% of your street frontage.

The cladding you select can completely transform the look, feel, and even the value of your home. As well as the overall visual effect you want to create, you’ll need to consider some functional elements – like how close you are to the sea or whether it snows where you live.

Luckily, the Dimond® range of metal cladding products provides a solution for every unique home.

Design freedom with Dimondclad Rib50

If versatility is what is needed, then Dimondclad is the perfect cladding solution. Dimondclad’s clean, efficient lines and well-concealed laps are excellent for both exterior and interior cladding. Dimondclad Rib 50 features wide ribs with narrow pans for the opposite look to Dimondclad Rib 20. The Dimondclad range is great for freedom of design, while still offering the durability required for New Zealand’s unique environments.

Black Barn dimondclad rib 50
Black Barn by Red Architecture featuring Dimondclad Rib 50

Built to be bold with Brownbuilt 900

Brownbuilt 900 is bold and robust cladding that has been designed with strength and versatility in mind. Featured in some of the most appealing settings across the country, from the bush to rolling alpine hills. Brownbuilt 900’s attractive appeal can be even further enhanced by inverting the profile to create Brownbuilt 900 Reverse Run.

Little Oasis, Waikato
Little Oasis in the City by Noel Jessop Architecture

Express your style with Eurotray®

If style’s important and you’re after cladding with elegance and distinction. Dimond’s top-of-the-line Eurotray range is proven cladding that delivers exceptional durability and performance with sharp, clean lines and timeless style. This cladding profile is inspired by some of the oldest and grandest buildings in Europe to match our most contemporary homes as can be installed vertically or horizontally. Eurotray is designed to withstand the harshest of New Zealand’s climate without compromising on premium aesthetics.

Arrowtown Home
Roof to wall detail by Dravitzki Brown Architecture

The benefits of metal cladding products

As well as being aesthetically pleasing in design, another benefit of metal cladding is that the colour options are (nearly) endless and Dimond has over 30 colours to choose from!

Dimond also has a range of material options available, from unpainted zinc, copper, and aluminium, to pre-painted steel that carries a 15-year warranty, meaning that Dimond can offer a suitable cladding solution for every environment.

Dimond’s pre-painted material options supplier, ColorCote has a unique 3-tier coating offer that can cater for mild environments through to alpine, geothermal, and coastal environments. For more information on their 3-tier systems see below:

Taking care of New Zealand

In addition to looking great, Dimond products also have environmental sustainability top of mind.

Dimond is a foundation member of the Sustainable Steel Council of New Zealand as well as a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) and has set themselves some ambitious targets of achieving a 30% reduction of their Scope 1 & 2 carbon emissions by 2030.

As a part of this journey, Dimond has received Global GreenTag™ GreenRate™ Level A accreditation for its ColorCote products, meaning that they are recognised for credits under the NZGBC Homestar scheme.

Whether you’re building new or renovating, check out the Dimond® range of metal cladding products

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