Dimond Roofing Offers a Wide Range of Natural Lighting Profiles

Dimond Roofing provides profiles that can be effectively used as roofing and wall applications for commercial and retail buildings where excellent long-term light transmission is required, providing a range of indoor/outdoor living and working options.

Durolite provides high strength and durability for a range of projects. Durolite is a premium grade glass fibre reinforced polyester sheet manufactured using advanced gel coat technology with an integral 100-micron thick gel coat on the top surface. Durolite is guaranteed to transmit natural light while retaining material strength and load span capacity, for a period of 25 years.

The key benefits of Durolite products include:

  • Available to match all Dimond Roofing steel profiles as well as many other metal roofing products
  • Manufactured in a range of tints and specifications to suit customer requirements
  • Surface erosion (showing of fibre) is eliminated
  • Guaranteed to lose no more than 20% of its original light transmission over 25 years.
  • Provides a level of 99% protection from UV rays, making it suitable to grow plants under.
  • Uses premium grade glass reinforced polyester that’s protected with a gel coat giving the best durability.

Durolite comes in a range of advanced options, including:

    • Durolite HeatGuard (HG4 or HG8): the technologically advanced Durolite HeatGuard range is specially designed to reduce the heat transmitted into the building through natural lighting sheets while still providing a high level of light. The higher the number the less heat it transmits.
    • Durolite FireGuard2 (FG2): which has a bromine free formulation, has been developed to provide a natural lighting sheet, while meeting the fire requirements (spread of flame over the internal surface) of the New Zealand Building Code. FG2 meets a Group 2 and uses a bromine-free formulation.
    • Durolite Webglass: Webglass is a gel coated surface protected sheet that embodies a heavy gauge woven glass mat reinforcement. The sheet strength means that wire safety mesh is not required under the sheeting. Webglass is typically used for roofing and cladding (Duraclad Webglass) on buildings where metal substrates would quickly corrode and deteriorate at an unacceptable rate. The gel coated top surface can be translucent to allow for natural lighting or coloured to block out the light.

Some exciting projects where Durolite has been used include the Rainbows End Adventure Park in Auckland, where it was used in conjunction with rainbow coloured curved steel roofing to provide a colourful light-filled outdoor canopy, meaning children’s rides and attractions could be used all year round and in all conditions.

Durolite Used At Rainbows End
Durolite Used At Rainbows End

Hobsonville Point Primary School is an example in the education sector where a combination of polycarbonate product and Durolite produced light-filled school classrooms and facilities. Durolite has also been used in many factory and warehouse applications over the last 15 years.

Durolite Used At Hobsonville Point Primary School
Durolite Used At Hobsonville Point Primary School

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