High Density Developments

Dimond Roofing offers a range of products and systems that provide roofing and wall cladding solutions. These options create modern aesthetics and efficiencies of installation for high-density developments.

Overall, metal cladding offers a low-risk solution, with a number of advantages over other material types, including:

  • Lightweight materials that are easy to lift into place — a simpler option compared to other cladding alternatives.
  • Easy and quick to install, offering a finish with crisp clean lines, in a shorter amount of time; Great for developments under time pressure.
  • Available in a range of colours and coatings, offering durability to suit the building environment.
  • A 15-year warranty (dependent on the coating requirements for the project), providing higher levels of security and peace of mind.
  • Supplied cut to length with lower risk of leakage, no end laps and a reduction in construction waste.
  • Achieves a unique aesthetic to the exterior of the building through the use of different profile shapes and the option of Horizontal or Vertical orientation.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements

Many of Dimond's roofing profiles can be used as wall cladding, from tray systems, such as Eurotray and Heritage Tray to trapezoidal systems such as LT7 and VRib, giving strength, versatility, and great looks. LT7 was used to great effect at Turn Point Lodge, creating a magnificent structure, beautifully housed within the stunning and iconic Marlborough Sounds.

Another Dimond cladding option is Brownbuilt 900, a strong, economical profile. Brownbuilt 900 Reverse Run also features prominently as a wall cladding with its wider ribs and narrow pans providing a different aesthetic dynamic and was used at the Auckland Sylvia Park project in which the wall cladding’s metallic colours have been utilised to accent what could otherwise have been very large expanses of uninteresting wall space.

Dimond also has dedicated cladding products, such as Dimonclad. Dimonclad is proving to be very popular as a cost-effective and aesthetic cladding solution, and provides a low rib option with clean lines and well-concealed laps, making it an excellent option for both exterior and interior cladding.

Dimondclad also features wide pans and narrow ribs (Dimonclad Rib 20), and in reverse (Dimonclad Rib 50) to express wide ribs with narrow pans for defined cladding lines.

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