Heritage Tray gets a facelift

Dimond Roofing’s Heritage Tray is getting a facelift. Its new design will allow the profile to be applied to pitch settings as low as three degrees. Combined with a narrower tray, nearly invisible swages and new clip system, it promises to reduce the risk of oil canning when using certain materials. Architects familiar with its good looks will find this a big advantage.


Dimond Roofing's Heritage Tray™

Well known for its requiring no additional plywood substrate (which reduces costs), Heritage Tray™ can flexibly be roll-formed on-site, eliminating the chance of damage due to transport. With its new design a new dedicated roll former has been commissioned from the US and is now operational.

Dimond Roofing's Technical Manager for the South Island, Jim Fensom says:

“We’ve had a new machine shipped in from the US which enables us to provide this design improvement. With this product release we hope to totally eliminate the possibility of slight oil canning - which has been reported from a small but significant group of customers."

It is important that customers understand the new specifications and material options - information about which is posted on our website. If you have any questions or queries about our Heritage Tray™ and its suggested use and application please contact us - we would love to hear from you!