ColorCote® ZinaCore Plus


ColorCote® ZinaCore™ X

Formerly ZRX

Suitable for ISO 9223 Atmosphere Classification C1-C4 as per AS/NZS 2728:2013.


A high durability product with improved cut edge performance designed to give excellent colour retention and high formability at moderate cost.


Hot dipped Aluminium / Zinc steel coil AZ150 coating weight. Manufactured to AS 1397:2011 steel grade either G550 or G300.


Corrosion resistant chromate conversion coating.


Highly corrosion resistant high build primer both sides. Nominal film thickness 15μm ± 2μm on the topside and 10μm ± 2μm on the reverse.

Finish Coat

70% PVF2 system. Nominal film thickness 20μm ± 2μm.
Note: the finish coat can be applied to one or both sides of the sheet in the same or different colours. Colours outside the standard range may be available depending on colour and quantity.

Backing Coat

Shadow Grey (standard colour) wash coat 5 microns thickness.


Typical gloss levels are 25%, measured in accordance with ASTM D523-89 (60 degrees). Non standard gloss levels may be available on application.

Strippable Film

Products can be supplied with an optional strippable protective film at extra cost. This material has a relatively short life span under exterior exposure conditions. It should be removed as soon as possible within 48 hours of outdoor exposure.

Expected Performance
Outdoor Durability: ColorCote® ZinaCore™ X, under normal well washed conditions of exposure, is expected to show no cracking (other than that which may occur during forming), flaking or peeling of the paint film for 15 years from date of installation.

Colour change during service will depend on the colour chosen, aspect, design of the structure and the environment. Maximum expected colour change levels of ColorCote® ZinaCore™ X colours in moderate environments after 15 and 20 years of service are given in warranty documentation. Colour change is measured using an instrumental colour spectrophotometer, according to ASTM D-2244-93, and determined on clean surfaces, free of all dirt, chalk, oxidised film, oil, grease and other foreign contaminants.

Some chalking may occur. A maximum rating of 2 is expected after 20 years exposure, when measured in accordance with AS/NZS 1580.481.1.11:1998. Scale is between 0 and 5 with a lower number indicating less chalking.

Handling and Forming

To avoid damaging the paint surface the material must be handled carefully during transport and roll-forming. Pacific
Coilcoaters does not recommend the use of roll-forming lubricants on ColorCote® products, as they will affect performance of
pre-painted steel and will lead to staining and uneven premature fading.

Typical Properties

  • Mar Resistance: Fair
  • Scratch Resistance: Fair
  • Impact Resistance: (AS/NZS 2728 Appendix E) – Greater than 10 Joules
  • Pencil Hardness: (AS/NZS 1580.405.1) – F minimum
  • Bend Test: (AS/NZS 2728 section 2.6 and Appendix F) – No loss of adhesion or paint cracking when bent around a diameter equal to five times the thickness of the sheet.
  • Heat Resistance: Suitable for continuous service up to 1000C. Continuous service at higher temperatures may cause some
    colour change of the paint film.
Ignitability Index
Spread of Flame Index
Heat Evolved Index
Smoke Developed Index

Accelerated Corrosion Tests
(Tests are conducted on a flat panel.)

Salt Spray
Meets the requirements of AS/NZS 2728:2007 sections 2.8 and 2.10

Humidity Resistance

Meets the requirements of AS/NZS 2728:2007 sections 2.8 and table 2.9

QUV Resistance

Meets the requirements of AS/NZS 2728:2007 sections 2.8 and table 2.4

Chemical Resistance

Good resistance to accidental spillage of solvents such as methylated spirits, white spirits, mineral turpentines, toluene, trichlorethylene and dilute acids and alkalis. All spillages should be immediately removed by wiping or washing.

Recommended End Uses

Exterior uses where high formability, such as crimp curving after roll forming, excellent colour and gloss retention is required.
It is suited to environments such as severe marine, geothermal and industrial sites where there is a high risk of corrosion due to corrosive elements in the atmosphere.

For information concerning product use in areas not covered by ColorCote® ZinaCore™ X refer to the ColorCote® MagnaFlow™ X AlumiGard™ X technical information brochure or contact Pacific Coilcoaters for details.

Site Practice
If nestable profiles become wet while closely stacked, formation of wet storage stain or ‘white rust’ is inevitable.

To minimise the possibility of inadvertent contamination:

a) Inspect deliveries on arrival. If moisture is present, individual sheets should be dried immediately with a clean rag and
then stacked to allow air to circulate and complete the drying process.
b) Well ventilated storage is essential. Always store metal products under cover in clean, well-ventilated buildings.
c) Cross-stack or fillet sheets where outside storage is unavoidable and make provision for a fall to allow water to run off.
It is the responsibility of the roofing contractor to avoid damaging the roof sheeting during its installation and fixing. For light
gauges and large purlin spacings, never drag sheets from a pile. Remove by ‘turning’ off the stack. Lift sheets on to a roof, and
do not drag over the eaves or purlins.

Touch Up Paint
ColorCote® is a baked on paint system which has different weathering characteristics to standard air drying paints. Do not use touch up paint on ColorCote® products. Minor scratches should be left alone.

Clean Up
Installation procedures involving self-drilling screws, drills and hacksaws etc., will leave deposits of swarf and metal particles.
These particles including blind rivet shanks, nails and screws should be swept and washed from the roof at the end of each day.

Dissimilar Materials
When dissimilar metals come into contact with each other, accelerated corrosion can occur. To avoid this problem the
following precautions should be observed:

  • Avoid discharges of water from brass or copper pipes onto ColorCote® ZinaCore™ X.
  • Do not use non-galvanised steel, copper, stainless steel or Monel metal in direct contact with ColorCote® ZinaCore™ X.
  • Do not use lead flashings in contact with ColorCote® ZinaCore™ X products. Soft edge aluminium, or notching of flashings, are the best solutions.
  • Do not use tanalised timber in direct contact with ColorCote® ZinaCore™ X products. Use PVC tape or similar barrier to isolate potential problem points of contact between materials. ColorCote® ZinaCore™ X products are not suitable for use in the following situations:
  • Animal shelters, where excessive ammonia fumes can accumulate due to inadequate venting, or where direct contact with
    animal effluent can occur.
  • Water tanks or areas where a constantly wet environment is maintained.
  • In direct contact with concrete, or where lime deposits are evident.In contact with soil. (Allow a 75mm run off below cladding sheets to ground level.)


Match corrosion resistance of the fastenings with the service life of the chosen ColorCote® product. Galvanised nails should not be used on ZinaCore™ X. Class 4 coated screws are the minimum for ZinaCore™ X roofing and cladding in severe environments.
Do not use stainless or Monel fasteners on ColorCote® ZinaCore™ X products. Aluminium rivets should be used for best results.
For further details consult your fastening suppliers.

Sealing and Jointing

Where sealed joints are required, use only neutral cure silicon rubber sealant, together with mechanical fasteners, such as
aluminium rivets. Do not solder or weld ColorCote® products.

Unwashed Areas

These are typically those areas that are not washed by natural rainfall, such as the underside of unsarked overhanging roofing and recessed doorways in commercial cladding, tops of garage doors etc. These areas are excluded from warranty. Pacific Coilcoaters recommends the exclusion of unwashed areas by design wherever possible.

In cases where this is not possible, then a regular washing programme should be put in place. Airborne contaminants should be removed by water blasting or mechanical washing with water and a soft nylon brush for best results at least every 6 months, or more frequently in severe environments.

Roof Pitch

Do not use a pitch less than 3°, to avoid ponding and premature degradation of the coating system.


ColorCote® ZinaCore™ Brochure

Get all the facts. Available for download below is the ColorCote® ZinaCore™ brochure to help you and your team of professionals through the details of your material selection. We want you to be happy and confident that you've made the right choice for all the right reasons.

For more information on the range of ColorCote®materials see the ColorCote® website.

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