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Choosing the right roofing, cladding or rainwater system is a big decision. On the one hand, you want a great looking result, while on the other you want the reassurance of a product that will stand the test of time. With over 50 years’ experience, Dimond Roofing understands the importance of style and substance.

Features & benefits
Energy efficiency

A new roof, properly installed, can provide a strong seal against the elements and lower your heating costs. Additionally, dark roofs absorb heat .

Increased safety

An older roof can allow water into your home, which, in addition to the property damage it can cause, may also lead to the formation of mold.


If you have been wanting to give your house a facelift, a new roof can make a big difference.

Popular Roof Products
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The Look Book

The Look Book is full of inspiration for home exteriors, and outdoor areas, covering a wide range of building designs. From classic to modern masterpieces, it's brimming with ways to make your dream home come to life. So download a copy, and be inspired!