Southland Accessory Price Increase

Over the last 12 months, the supply of a wide range of building products has been severely impacted by a range of factors, in particular raw material cost increases.

As a result, we have had several increases from our accessory suppliers in recent months. While we have absorbed these increases for some time, unfortunately, we are unable to continue to absorb them, and as such the following products, will have an additional 10% increase effective from the 1st June 2021.

Note that this increase applies to Southland Sheetmetal produced product, in the Southland area only.

Accessory products affected:

95mm Zincalume Brackets and 55mm Colorsteel Downpipe Straps

Downpipe Bends and Spreaders

½ Round Stop Ends

½ Round Drops

½ Round Internal and External Angles

Quad and Beveline Spouting Corners

Spouting Ends – Quad

Spouting Ends – Hi Line (Box)

Spouting Ends – Beveline


Drops – Square/Rectangle


Paltec Fascia Accessories

Quad External Spouting Brackets – Long and Short Tail

Euro Panel Clips (Lockseam & Hook Seam)

Curved Corrugate Iron

Curved Corrugate Iron – Std Bullnose Verandah Type

Curved Corrugate Iron – Curved with Straight Section – 1-2 Ends

.70 mm AlumiGard X (formerly ARX) Solar Rib End Caps

Klassic Stop Ends

Crawler Board Brackets

.70 mm AlumiGard X (formerly ARX) Weephole Vents

AL Edge / EZ Edge (Costs for Supplying Material Only and/or Fitting Material to Flashings)

For more details on these price increases please contact your local branch or account manager on 0800 DIMOND.

As always, we appreciate your continued support and look forward to working with you in the future.

Yours Faithfully,

Jonathan Peterson

South Island Roofing Sales Manager | Dimond Roofing

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